Generator Introduce

Following with human society’s continuous development, air quality problem becomes more and more severer and atmospheric controlling has been people’s consensus. So it is a general trend to develop and utilize clean energy, such as gas generator, biogas generator, natural gas generator and biomass generator,LPG generator,wood gas generator,diesel generator etc. NPT has gone with this flow and focused on developing efficient and environmental energy utilization technology to be professional in research & development, manufacture, sale and service of gas generator set.


Pre-sale service

Design your generators according to your demand . Find the the correct capacity and models for you.

After-sale service

Training you learn how to better maintain your equipment safely, effectively, efficiently, and perform a visual walk-around inspections.

Tracking service

Provide network video maintenance instruction. Providing spare parts at preferential prices.


NPT | 05-23

natural gas generator-Matters need attention for the use of NPT natural gas generator

The exhaust system of natural gas generator is high temperature, its fuel is flammable and explosive, the hidden danger is bigger, if not careful, it can lead to disaster.

NPT | 05-15

Using Natural Gas to Reduce Energy shortage-Natural gas generator

The natural gas is a green energy, it refers to all gas that exists in nature,Its main component is alkane,methane is the majority.

NPT | 05-11

Natural gas generators in domestic development

Natural gas is more and more important since new century coming , especially in industry projects.


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