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Development status of natural gas generator at present stage

   In recent years, under the constraint of carbon emission reduction, natural gas is getting more and more attention. Conventional wisdom has it that natural gas, while efficient and clean, is subject long distance transport and production constraints and cannot play much of a role. However, the breakthrough of unconventional oil and gas technology and the gradual maturity of LNG industry chain are increasingly recognized, natural gas generator also was valued.

  Analyzing the market at abroad from foreign international policy:
  ①The United States began to implement the new energy policy, mainly including two aspects: first, to focus on adjusting the energy structure of the United States and to meet domestic energy needs with the resources of the United States.Second, strengthen the development and utilization of clean energy. Its energy structure transformation path mainly includes large-scale exploitation of unconventional oil and gas and the development of renewable energy technologies .
  ②The Japanese government encourages natural gas to generate electricity. In Japanese, it mainly supports natural gas generation in terms of laws, regulations, industrial policies, taxation policies and financing policies.
  ③The UK's strategy to promote the development of natural gas is to rely on the market mechanism fully, and the government has very little direct intervention in market subjects
  ④From the European, eco-environmental protection policy is an important factor to promote the rapid development of gas generation in Europe.
  ⑤Countries such as the United States, Russia and Australia have large domestic natural gas reserves and are the primary source of energy.In the future, these countries' policy tilt towards natural gas generation will gradually stabilize, which will largely maintain policy consistency.
  Currently, the United States, Europe and many central American countries use natural gas as the main source of energy for electricity generation.In China, natural gas is mainly used for civilian use.With the rapid increase of natural gas reserves and supplies, natural gas has become one of the important ways to generate electricity.
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America Hawaii Municipal Waste to Electricity Power Plant

This project uses the combustible municipal waste as the raw material, after the sorting and gasification to get the syngas for electricity.

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