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LPG generators-On the benefits of LPG generators

   Lpg  generator is a new kind of generator unit  that is popular, and same as gas generator, relative to some fuel generator, it has many advantages. Such as small pollution, high efficiency, high heat, flexible and convenient to operation. It is  commonly used in modern industry and life of a power supply device.

  It is a popular energy in the modern society,and has many advantages.
  (1).lpg  is gaseous at normal temperature, it is easy to mix with air to form a uniform combustible mixture, and can burning completely, which can greatly reduce the emission of CO, HC and particulates. In addition, the flame temperature of lpg is low, so the emission of NOx is reduced accordingly.
  (2).The octane value of lpg is around 100, so the combustion of lpg can improve the compression ratio of the engine, thus it can have higher engine thermal efficiency.
  (3).The cold starting and low temperature performance  of lpg generators are good. No mixture should be added during the warm-up.
  (4).Its combustion limit is wide and the thin combustion characteristic is superior. Burning thin mixture can reduce the production of NOx and improve fuel economy
  (5).It can extend the oil change cycle and engine service life without diluting the lubricating oil.
  China is a country that use the natural gas, coal, renewable energy, nuclear energy, water and so on national energy to generate electricity at the same time.From the point of view of sustainable development and emissions, clean, efficient, reliable and so on factors can compatible. Therefore, the prospect of china's new energy generation market is still wide and the market of lpg generators will be further developed.
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America Hawaii Municipal Waste to Electricity Power Plant

This project uses the combustible municipal waste as the raw material, after the sorting and gasification to get the syngas for electricity.

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