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Landfill gas generator-The benefits of landfill gas power generation

   Garbage generation is to collect all kinds of garbage, and then conduct classification processing,then the landfill gas generator is used to generate electricity. There are two types: one is to high temperature burning combustion value higher, in the high temperature burning  through processing of heat energy into the high temperature steam and drive a turbine and generator to produce electricity. The second is the fermentation, anaerobic treatment of the organic matter that cannot be burned, and finally the desulfurization of the gas, producing a gas called methane, also called methane.Then it is burned to convert heat energy into steam, which drives the turbine to turn and generate electricity.

  In the face of the flood of garbage, experts around the world has not only limited to control and destroy the passive "defensive" garbage, but actively take effective measures, make scientific reasonable comprehensive processing and utilization of waste. China has abundant waste resources, which has great potential benefits. Cities like Shanghai have begun to build garbage plants,landfill gas generator will be more important.
  The garbage generation has many advantages.First;After garbage incineration, the pathogen in the garbage is completely eliminated.Second:after burning, the combustible ingredient in the garbage is commonly after high temperature decomposition can be reduced by 80%-90%, capacity reduction effect is good, can save a lot of landfill cover, after separation of waste incineration effect is betterThird: waste was used as energy, high temperature fume produced by garbage incineration, its thermal energy is transformed into steam, for heating and power generation, can also recycle ferromagnetic metals resources, can fully realize the waste resource recovery.Fourth: The waste incinerator covers a small area.
  As the comprehensive utilization of garbage collection, processing, transportation, and so on each link technology development, way of garbage power generation is likely to be one of the most economic power generation technology, from the long-term benefits and the comprehensive index will be superior to the traditional electric power production.So the landfill generator will have a goog market prospect in the future.
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America Hawaii Municipal Waste to Electricity Power Plant

This project uses the combustible municipal waste as the raw material, after the sorting and gasification to get the syngas for electricity.

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