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Biogas generator set-The significance of biogas power generation

   Energy and environmental have become an international hot issue, which has aroused wide public concern. Alternative oil, natural gas and coal are the three conventional sources of energy, rapidly reduces their consumption each year and has become a pressing issue in human development

  It’s very important to generate electricity from biogas:

  1).Local recourses can be used instead of imported energy to reduce state depended on importing.

  2).It makes fuel use diversification, reducing reliance on one energy source.

  3).Replacing fossil fuels with biogas is an ideal way to reduce CO2 emissions.

  4).Biogas recourse are widely distributed and available everywhere.

  5).In some ways, biogas can offset the operating costs, while reducing carbon emissions and reducing the greenhouse effect.

  To sum up, biogas is a good thing for the benefit of the people.

  The mixture of air-biogas is compressed in the cylinder, and the spark plug is used to make it burn. The power is generated by the reciprocating movement of the spark plug and then connected to the generator to generate electricity.

  To develop circular economy, transform waste into treasure, build large-scale biogas engineering. Both protect the environment and bring considerable economic benefits.

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America Hawaii Municipal Waste to Electricity Power Plant

This project uses the combustible municipal waste as the raw material, after the sorting and gasification to get the syngas for electricity.

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