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Natural gas generator-How natural gas generators work

   As is well-known,the natural gas is a green energy, it refers to all gas that exists in nature,including:liquefied natural gas(LNG), liquefied petroleum gas(LPG), oil field gas,gas field gas, coal bed gas, etc. Its main component is alkane,methane is the majority.

  But for now,natural gas generation is an effective way to alleviate energy shortage, reduce the proportion of coal-fired power generation and reduce environmental pollution.And from the economic benefit,there is little investment in the capacity of natural gas to generate electricity,the construction period is short, the price of the electricity is low,it has the strong competitiveness.So,the natural gas generator should be born under the new energy utilization and development.

  The NPT natural gas generator sets as a new generator set mainly divided into the ordinary type,the waste heat recovery type,the silent type,the skid-mounted cabinet type etc generator sets of diversification.The power ranges is from 10 kW to 1000 kW above.The applied gas ranges is the combustible gas with the main ingredient of methane and some of the low heat value flammable gas.The necessary systems and components is:natural gas engine,AVR brushless generator,electric control panel,common chassis,natural gas engine ignition system,natural gas regulator system,natural gas mixer system,digital governor system,natural gas engine cooling system,natural gas engine silencer,starting accumulator,battery charging unit etc.

  However,the waste heat recovery type of natural gas generator sets except for basic functions,the waste heat recovery system can generate hot water,steam and refrigeration by absorption of heat.

  The silent type of natural gas generator sets is use multiple noise reduction and shock-absorber technology, a complete set of integrated installation to a box.

  The skid-mounted cabinet type of natural gas generator sets is use multiple  anti-rain snow and dust prevention techniques,a complete set of integrated installation to a box,to meet the use of outdoor environment.

  In addition, users need to prepare by themselves: the natural gas engine coolant (antifreeze fluid), the natural gas engine lubricating oil, the natural gas engine exhaust pipe,the natural gas intake-air pipe and power output cable.Gas leakage alarms and lightning protection devices should be installed in the machine room.

  In addition to the basic functions of natural gas generator sets, customers can choose to add:automatic switchover(ATS),automatic start,auto-parallel,automatic load transfer,telecommunication,long-rang control and remote control etc automatic functions.

  Maintenance:The oil replacement cycle is the first after running for 50 hours;replace the second after running 250 hours;after that, be changed every 500 hours.(The specific oil change cycle depends on the actual situation of the oil.)The overhaul period is between 15,000 hours and 25,000 hours.It is closely related to the conditions of use, quality of lubricants, quality of maintenance, load, installation quality and fuel quality.

  This is the introduction of the system, function, maintenance of NPT natural gas generator.

  And compared with diesel generating sets, natural gas generator set energy saving and environmental protection, combustion process greatly reduces the waste gas and carbon dioxide emissions, should be promoted in the 21st century and one of the use of environmentally friendly products.

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This project uses the combustible municipal waste as the raw material, after the sorting and gasification to get the syngas for electricity.

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