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natural gas generators-The reason why natural gas generators are widely used

   Natural gas generator sets are ignition gas engines with high heat value gases ,the fuel gases such as natural gas, LPG,CNG etc.

  In recent years, the rapid development of the national economy provides the continuous impetus for the steady and rapid development of world’s electricity industry. At present, demand for electricity is growing rapidly across the all over the world, the power capacity of supply has grown steadily. As an important equipment if electric power industry, natural gas generating units been increasing rapidly.

  For the advantages of natural gas fuel:

  1.Burning clean fuel natural gas is almost free of PM2.5 emissions and SO2 emissions are extremely low.CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions are also about half of coal-fired power plants, the environmental advantages are very prominent.

  2.Using natural gas to generate power, flexibly operating and quickly start up.

  3.Due to clean and environment protection, generator set can be placed in urban economic development zone or thermal power load center. Saving the heating pipe network, reducing the investment and operation cost, raising the economic benefit.

  For the market of natural gas generator:

  OBOR countries along the routes of future natural gas development investment in the Middle East, Russia and central Asia.

  1.According to the data, the top three countries are Russia, Qatar and Iran in the terms of production.

  2.In terms of consumption, national natural gas along the OBOR is mainly used to generate electricity. In 2014,there are four countries with more than 100 billion cubic meters of natural gas such as Russia, China, Iran, and Saudi Arabia.

  3.Thailand and India rank relatively low in gas output and reserves, however the consumption is the sixth and seventh place in countries along the OBOR.

  In a word, with the gradually thorough of industrial process, countries along the OBOR have enormous gas generation market space.

  To sum up, the popularity of natural gas generator is becoming more and more wide. With the rapid increase of natural gas reserves and supplies, natural gas has be one of the important ways to generate electricity.

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America Hawaii Municipal Waste to Electricity Power Plant

This project uses the combustible municipal waste as the raw material, after the sorting and gasification to get the syngas for electricity.

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