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Biogas generator-Build your own biogas generator and Gas requirements

  Biogas typically refers to a mixture of different gases produced by the breakdown of organic matter in the absence of oxygen. Biogas can be produced from raw materials such as agricultural waste, manure, municipal waste, plant material, sewage, green waste or food waste. Biogas is a renewable energy source.At present, the state is attaching great importance to environmental protection, and fuel substitution work is being carried out everywhere.

  Weifang Naipute Gas Power Co., LTD is a professional development and production of gas engine and gas generator set of high-tech enterprises, the gas engine including NQ, NK, NR, ND, NW, five series, They are four stroke, high speed, water cooling, high-energy spark ignition gas engine.Have the following advantages. High reliability, good economy, advanced control, low emission, low noise, simple operation, convenient maintenance, low operating cost, etc.

  The construction of biogas energy can supplement the energy demand of rural production and living.On the other hand, it can reduce the harm to the environment caused by the organic waste water in industrial production and the living waste of biogas generator unit.Biogas can be used in the life of farmers, production and processing of agricultural and sideline products.It can also be used in biogas power generation,Biogas engineering" in the multilevel utilization of energy and material recycling is established with biogas as link ecological economic system, realize the environmental and economic win-win, promote the sustainable development of the circular economy.

  Biogas generator biogas fuel requirements:

  1.Low heat value:more than 21MJ/m3

  2.Gas pressure:2~100Kpa(0.02~1bar).Exceed this pressure needs to be selected pressure reducer.

  3.Biogas should be treated with dedusting,dehydration and desulfurization treatment.

  4.Sulfur content <0.2g/m3;H2S content ≤20mg/Nm3;impurity granularity ≤5 μm;impurit content ≤30mg/Nm3.

  5.There is no free water.


  Biogas power generation is a system engeering.which including the multiple unit technology optimization combination of biogas producing,biogas purification and storage,biogas power generation and internet etc.

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Gas generator& Products

20-2000kw diesel generator

Optional engine: Yuchai

10-1600kw natural gas generator

Optional engine: Deutz, Yuchai,
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America Hawaii Municipal Waste to Electricity Power Plant

This project uses the combustible municipal waste as the raw material, after the sorting and gasification to get the syngas for electricity.

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