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Biomass generator-On the development of biomass gas generators and bring convenience

   Biomass power generation is to generate electricity by biomass energy,it is one of the renewable energy generation.Including direct combustion power generation, agricultural and forestry waste gasification power generation., refuse incineration to generate electricity, landfill gas power generation, and biogas power generation.

  Biomass generator set is a new type of power generation device which is very popular now ,its application range is very wide.The working principle of biomass generator is to mix biomass fuel and air within the cylinder, and the piston moves up and down to make it burn, then the heat energy converted into mechanical energy to drive the generator to generate electricity.

  China is an agricultural country, biomass resource is very rich, all kinds of crops annually produces 600 million tons of straw, which can be used as the energy of about 400 million tons, the total biomass of trees in the nation of about 19 billion tons, the capacity of 900 million tons, can be obtained can be used as the amount of energy is about 300 million tons. If utilized effectively, the development potential will be enormous.

  Biomass refers to the various organisms that are produced by the use of the atmosphere, water, land and so on through photosynthesis, that is, all living organic substances that have life can be called as living matter. It includes plants, animals and microbes.

  Energy and environmental issues have become an international hot issue, which has aroused wide public concern. Developing new energy sources, replacing oil, natural gas and coal, the three conventional sources of energy, rapidly decreasing their consumption each year, have become an urgent task in human development. Biomass generators have so many advantages, and it will have bigger and bigger market in the future.

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America Hawaii Municipal Waste to Electricity Power Plant

This project uses the combustible municipal waste as the raw material, after the sorting and gasification to get the syngas for electricity.

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