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Biomass generators-About clean fuels for biomass generators

   Biomass fuel comes from nature, mainly rice straw, wheat straw, shrubs and organic matter in household waste. With less and less fossil fuels on earth, develop renewable energy is an important task for governments around the world. Biomass fuel is an important part of renewable energy, and how to make rational use of it is an urgent problem.Biomass generator is an important machine to solve this problem.

  In the past, the method of using biomass fuel was mainly direct combustion. After the biomass fuel was broken, it went directly into the boiler and produced steam, and then the steam turbine generator set was driven. Such main characteristic of this method is the mature system, but it has low efficiency . By using the method of gasification to produce flammable gas, with reciprocating internal combustion engine or gas turbine power generation, can greatly improve the efficiency of power generation.

  Compared with traditional generators, biomass generator can make greater economic and environmental benefits .And the application range is wider, purchase cost is lower. It is an excellent choice for the full use of renewable energy and environmental protection.

  Biomass power generation can reduce the emission of harmful gas , compared with conventional fossil fuel, the carbon dioxide emissions after combustion belongs to the carbon cycle of nature, it’s no pollution. By 2025,biomass power generation will take up the leading role. And in the future, generate electricity by biomass renewable will be one of the important ways to solve the problem of energy shortages.

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America Hawaii Municipal Waste to Electricity Power Plant

This project uses the combustible municipal waste as the raw material, after the sorting and gasification to get the syngas for electricity.

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