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Biogas generators-Biogas generators are widely used reasons

   Biogas power generation began in the early 1970s. Most of the biogas generators used are spark-ignition gas-fired power generation generators and make full use of exhaust heat generated by the generating units and waste heat of cooling water to make the overall thermal efficiency of the power generation project reach as high as 80% or more.

  Compared with traditional generators, biogas generator is a distributed and cheap distributed energy with low noise, energy saving, safety and environmental protection, etc. Market research shows that biogas generator has been widely valued and actively promoted in developing countries.

  Air pollution, the greenhouse effect, the rapid consumption of energy, etc., are currently very important issues. However, the emergence of biogas generators has made these problems a corresponding improvement.

  Biogas generators consume a large amount of waste, protect the environment, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and turn waste into treasure, generating a lot of heat and electricity, in line with the concept of environmental protection of energy recycling, but also bring huge economic benefit.

  This is why our country and government are actively supporting biogas generators.

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Gas generator& Products

20-2000kw diesel generator

Optional engine: Yuchai

10-1600kw natural gas generator

Optional engine: Deutz, Yuchai,
Stetr, Cummins etc.

America Hawaii Municipal Waste to Electricity Power Plant

This project uses the combustible municipal waste as the raw material, after the sorting and gasification to get the syngas for electricity.

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