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Natural gas generator-About natural gas generator and the basic structure of the system

   The basic structure of gas engine of natural gas generator is divided into skeleton, two large institutions and five systems.

  The skeleton consists of body, cylinder liner, crankcase, cylinder head, cylinder cushion, oil sump.

  Cylinder liner: the upper cylinder of the body is inlaid with cylinder liner, which solves the contradiction between cost and life.

  Cylinder head: the upper plane of the bee cylinder, which forms a combustor with the piston, has various structures.

  Cylinder liner: ensure the cylinder block and cylinder cover seal, prevent leakage, air leakage, channeling oil.

  Oil sump: storage and cooling engine oil and closed crankcase.

  The two organizations are divided into crank link mechanism and gas distribution mechanism.

  The five systems of natural gas generator are divided into exhaust system, fuel supply system, lubricating system, cooling system and starting system.

  The structural classification of the cylinder block is divided by the height of the center line of the crankshaft, divided into the bisector crankcase body, the portal crankcase body and the tunnel type crankcase body.

  Bisector crankcase body, easy to process, easy to disassemble and assemble.

  The gantry crankcase body is resistant to bending, the anti-twist steel is better, and the disassembly is also convenient.

  The tunnel type crankcase has the best steel and is not easy to disassemble.

  Dry cylinder liner and wet cylinder liner of natural gas generator.

  Dry cylinder liner, the outer wall does not directly contact with cooling water, with thin wall thickness (1 mm ~ 3 mm), and cylinder bearing hole of the interference fit, not easy to leak air, strength and stiffness are better, processing complex, disassembling inconvenience, poor heat dissipation.

  Direct contact with the cooling water wet cylinder liner and outer wall, wall thickness thicker (5 mm to 9 mm), the cooling effect is good, easy to remove, uniform cooling, easy processing, strength and stiffness than dry cylinder liner, easy to leak, rust, cavitation.

  The crank connecting rod mechanism is divided into piston connecting rod group and crankshaft flywheel group.

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