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Natural gas generator-Introduction to the engine of natural gas generator

   The cylinder block ( body ) of natural gas generator is cast by high - strength gray cast iron. The gas engine of NW98D9 is dry cylinder liner and frame structure, and the rest is wet cylinder liner and gantry structure.

  Cylinder head of natural gas generator, the whole casting, the hole of original installation injector be changed to spark plug thread hole, valve seat and the door is designed according to the characteristics of the gas engine improvement, to adapt to the gas engine lack of lubrication between the valve and seat and exhaust temperature higher, with good durability advantages.

  Note: with diesel engine cylinder head is not same!

  The crankshaft and the flywheel of natural gas generator, the gas engine crankshaft of ND series and NW98D9 NW116D12 using forged steel crankshaft, the rest of the gas engine uses high strength ductile cast into a whole, the surface through special processing, flywheel shell made from high strength gray cast iron casting.

  The piston and connecting rod of natural gas generator are made of alloy steel as a whole. The piston is made of high strength aluminum alloy, with three piston ring grooves.

  The combustion chamber is specially designed for the basin structure of the gas engine.

  Note: as the gas engine piston is special, can’t with the diesel engine and general, and the change of the fuel will have corresponding change, only the NQ series and ND42D3. 6 can be directly use liquefied petroleum gas as a fuel, the others all can't use.

  he engine gear train, the ruler of each gear is engraved with the timing symbol, the symbol and the gear should be aligned to ensure the correct gas distribution phase.

  Divided into: camshaft gear, ignition sensor drive gear, timing inertia wheel, crankshaft gear, machine oil pump idle gear, machine oil pump transmission gear.

  The camshaft is forged from the whole or part of the alloy steel, and is treated with quenching. The CAM profile is specially designed for the gas engine.

  The cooling system of the natural gas generator’s engine adopts a forced cooling circulation system, which consists of a water pump, a thermostat, a fan, a radiator or a heat exchanger, and a corresponding pipeline.

  The lubrication system of the engine, the friction surface of the main moving parts is lubricated by pressure and splash.

  The pressure lubrication is provided by the gear pump.

  Splash lubrication depends on crankshaft connecting rod rotation, splash lube to lubricate.

  The electric starting system consists of starting motor, charging generator, voltage regulator, battery and instrument.

natural gas generator

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America Hawaii Municipal Waste to Electricity Power Plant

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