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Natural gas generators-Selection of gas, oil and coolant in natural gas generators

   Gas, oil and coolant selection:

  Prior to the use of the natural gas generator set engine, natural gas, engine oil and coolant should be selected according to the specific environment and conditions used. The choice of whether it is appropriate or not has a great influence on the performance and service life of the natural gas generator set engine.

  I. Natural gas generating units use gas requirements:

  Gas engine fuels are mainly natural gas, and combustible gases such as oil-associated gas, liquefied petroleum gas, and biogas can also be used. The gas used should be dried and dehydrated to free of free water, crude oil and light oil. The low calorific value should not be less than 31.4mj/m3, the total sulfur content should not exceed 480mg/m3, and the hydrogen sulfide content should not exceed 20mg/m3. Natural gas transmission pressure is in the range of 0.08-0.30MAP.

  II. Engine oil used in natural gas generating sets

  Oil is used to lubricate the moving parts of natural gas engines and cool and dissipate these moving parts to remove impurities and prevent rust. Its quality is not only affected by the performance and service life of the gas engine, but also has a certain influence on the service life of the oil. For this reason, appropriate oil should be selected based on the ambient temperature of the natural gas generator set gas engine. Natural gas engines use as much as possible 15W40CD or 15W40CC gas engine oil.

  Three. Natural gas generator set using coolant:

  Cooling fluids for direct cooling engines used in cooling systems usually use clean fresh water, rain or clarified river water. When natural gas engines are used at ambient conditions below 0°C, coolant should be prevented from freezing, causing parts to crack. . According to the temperature can be equipped with appropriate freezing point antifreeze or hot water before start, but immediately after parking should be released.

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