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Natural Gas Generator_Brief introduction to the gas special system of NPT Natural Gas Generator

   Natural gas generator special gas control system is mainly divided into three kinds, open loop equivalent mixing ratio combustion system, closed loop equivalent mixing ratio combustion system, electric control closed-loop turbocharged inter-cooled rarefied combustion system.

  The open loop equivalent mixing ratio combustion system of natural gas generator consists of diaphragm type proportional mixer or venturi mixer, ignition system and electronic speed control system.

  High energy ignition system is single chip microcomputer control electronic ignition system, by the spark plug, the high tension line, high pressure coil, switch tube components, ignition wire, signal wiring harness, power ignition module, power supply converter.

  The gas system is gas pressure regulator and gas mixer.

  The controller of the electronic speed control system is divided into three main types: FSK658D, the American GAC design and manufacture, automatic parallel machine, fully functional, and suitable for controlling each type of engine.

  FSK612D, developed for NQ series of small power engines, is a compact version of FSK658D, with basic functions, but no speed display and battery voltage display, working voltage of 12V.

  OT2021A, referring to Woodward's design for large units, is basically the same as FSK658D, which increases the transient compensation and other functions.

  The electromagnetic actuator of the electronic speed control system is the speed regulating device connected with the throttle handle of the gas engine.

  Simple and convenient, no need for refueling maintenance.

  According to the unit size selection. ZD200R is suitable for engines under 100kW. ZD210R is suitable for engines under 150kW. ZD220R is suitable for engines under 300kW. OT980 (matched with OT2021A) Woodward, suitable for engines under 300kW.

  The closed-loop equivalent combustion system of natural gas generator is based on the matching and optimization of the FIMS500 electronic control system of American GAC.

  The American GAC FIMS500 electronic control system is divided into the closed-loop AFR200 speed air combustion ratio control module and the ICM200 ignition control module.

  Closed-loop AFR200 speed air-fuel ratio control module, exhaust temperature, rotational speed, oil pressure, water temperature, the pressure after the front of the throttle, throttle position, oxygen concentration sensor in the exhaust pipe, is equipped with a gas control valves, electronic throttle (with position feedback one-piece), through RS232 and CAN connect with the computer, using the SMART VU software.

  ICM200 ignition control module, by installing again on the camshaft or oil pump gear type phase hall sensor feedback signal phase and throttle pressure sensor feedback load, achieve precise adjustment, optimizing combustion.

  Natural gas generator set control closed loop turbocharged inter-cooled rarefied combustion system is American Woodward EGS - TRIM (E3) electric control system, mainly divides into the gas control valves, electronic throttle, oxygen sensor, power sensor, ignition system (Woodward ECM control ignition).The system has self-learning function and automatically records running parameters, which can be connected with computer through RS485 and CAM, which can be calibrated and diagnosed online with the TOOLKIT software.

Natural Gas Generator

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