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Natural gas generator installation conditions and precautions

   The control cabinet of natural gas generator is divided into three categories according to basic functions and uses: basic type, ATS automatic conversion type, automatic grid-connected type.

  Basic type: the mains and generator three-phase voltage, current, active power, reactive power, electricity, the frequency of mains and generator, genset cooling temperature, operation time monitor display information.When a fault occurs, record and send an alarm signal.When a serious fault occurs, the power switch is automatically cut off, stop running.

  ATS automatic conversion type, display the city electric voltage, the genset after shutdown automatically switch the load to the municipal power supply.

  Automatic grid-connected type, display the city electric voltage, according to customer demand, realize mobile phone and grid-connected function.

  It can also be remotely monitored through the RS485 industrial interface.

  The lubricating oil of natural gas generator should be used in multi-stage lubricating oil, especially light lubricating oil, which can reduce the gas consumption rate.Lubricating oil is divided into single stage and multi-level.Of course, it is best to use a gas engine special lubricating oil, can play a better lubrication.

  The cooling water for the engine of the natural gas generator must be soft water and add corrosion inhibitor and long - effect antifreeze.The PH value of cooling water is 6.5~8.5.

  Gas storage tank of natural gas generator, when the distance between fermentation tank and machine room is less than 20M, it is not necessary to do gas storage tank.(the genset power is 15~60kW). When the distance between the fermentation tank and the machine room is less than 20M, the capacity of the gas storage tank can be reduced by half.(unit genset 80~500kW)

  Installation conditions of natural gas generator sets:

  1. Stay away from open fire area, spacious and bright.

  2. Install ventilation fan to ensure ventilation.

  3. Install gas leakage alarm and lightning protection device.

  4. The indoor installation switch, lighting and so on should adopt the explosion-proof measures.

  5. Equipped with fire extinguishers and other fire fighting equipment.

  6. Install the hard cement surface.

  7. The lower part of the genset is equipped with four cushioning rubber pads to reduce vibration.

  8. If the ground is uneven, it is necessary to use thin steel plate mat under the chassis of the genset.


  The gas pressure refers to the gas pressure which is actually connected to the genset, and it must be effective in the measurement of the gas flame arrester.

  For gases with different types of gases or different qualities of the same type, the minimum gas pressure required to start is 2~5kPa.

  If the gas source pressure is insufficient, the genset can start normally, but it may not reach the rated power.

  The oil part of the natural gas generator set.

  Pull out the oil ruler to check whether the oil quality and oil level meet the requirements.

  Oil brand recommendation: when environment temperature is -15 ℃ or higher, it is recommended to use 15 w / 40 - CF grade lubricants.When the environment temperature is -15 ℃ or less, it is recommended to use 5 w / 3 - CF lubricating oil.

  The amount of oil added is based on the actual machine oil scale.

  Oil change cycle, an oil change is for the first time in the genset after the continuous running 360 hours, the second change is again after the continuous running 500 hours, the crew since then, each running 500 when I was a child, to replace the oil at a time.

  (the specific oil cycle is determined according to the actual situation of the oil)

  Attention :

  (the genset is using, should closely monitor the machine oil level change!!)

  1. The oil level of the machine suddenly rises, and the cooling water may be leaking into the oil. It should stop immediately, inject kerosene or diesel oil from the filling port, clean the oil sump, and outwell the dirt, and replace the new oil.

  2. The machine oil level drops sharply, check whether the oil is leaking, troubleshoot and add new oil.

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