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Natural gas generator automatic mode commonly used starting method

   The definition of natural gas generator is operating by combine multiple generators to realize large capacity power supply to load or power grid.

  Advantages of natural gas generator:
  Improve the reliability and continuity of power supply system; (multiple generators are connected in parallel to form a power grid with more stable voltage and frequency, which can withstand the impact of large load changes)
  It can centralize scheduling, maintain and upkeep more convenient;
  It is more economical; (according to the online load size, small power generators are put into the appropriate number to reduce the waste of fuel and oil caused by small load operation of high-power generators.)
  The future expansion is more elastic. (when the grid capacity needs to be extended, the generator will be added)
  How to use parallel system of natural gas generator:
  The output is controlled by the grid-connected module.
  After parallel via the ATS to output;
  After parallel, directly through the output cabinet.(the output cabinet control and the external output can be matched with ATS, etc.)
  Common parallel controller of natural gas generator, it have SMARTGEN, JNH, HAIHUI and COMAP.
  Brief introduction of natural gas generator’s parallel principle: it is mainly three elements, namely phase sequence, voltage and frequency.
  There are two types of natural gas generator circuit breakers, which are fixed type and drawer type.
  Fixed circuit breaker, low cost, good ventilation, high reliability.
  Draw-out type circuit breaker, high cost, poor ventilation, low reliability, easy maintenance.
  Three kinds of starting modes commonly used in the automatic mode of natural gas generator:
  Start up on demand:
  First, the highest priority module is opened. When the load is larger than the maximum percentage of startup, the secondary priority module starts up and synchronizes the machine;
  When the load is less than the minimum percentage of the shutdown, the secondary priority will be stopped, and the delay after the delay will be shut down.
  In case of alarm outage of the generator set, the secondary priority is turned on.
  Full power on:
  All modules are turned on, first to meet the load condition first closing, and other conditions, synchronizated parallel one by one.
  When the load is less than the minimum percentage of the shutdown, when the delay of the priority small module stops, the brake will be shut down.
  When the load is larger than the maximum percentage of boot, all the remaining unopened units will be switched on automatically.
  When the unit alarm is stopped, the rest is not turned on and the machine is turned on automatically.
  Balancing generator running time:
  The samll operating time of the generator is first start.
  When the operating time of the load unit is greater than the equilibrium running time, the other units are scheduled to start up, and the other units are simultaneously connected to the machine, and then they are automatically dismounted and unloaded.
  Therefore, the unit will rotate and stop automatically according to the size of the balanced running time.
  Note: all of the above three startup modes need to be in automatic mode, and the switching value input port is loaded (on-demand).
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